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in White Plains, NY

For the services of a White Plains, NY bankruptcy attorney, look no further than the office of Arlene Gordon-Oliver Law. Our firm specializes in bankruptcies and all of the intricacies surrounding them. Before you head into this challenging financial time, make sure you have the proper legal support.

The laws do not require you to have legal help to file, but it is highly recommended. There are simply too many things that could go wrong in this process, leaving you without the ability to get rid of your debts, even if you fully qualify to file.

When you work with us, you benefit from Ms. Gordon-Oliver's extensive experience and impressive credentials, including:

  • New York State Bar Association, Vice President of the 9th Judicial District
  • Co-Chair of the Bankruptcy Committee of the Westchester County Bar Association
  • Chair of the Bankruptcy Section of the National Bar Association

These impressive credentials point to the experience and knowledge of our lead attorney, and that knowledge comes to every case we represent.

Having a strong, experienced legal team on your side will prevent this problem. Our office has filed hundreds of bankruptcies before you, and we know the common mistakes to watch for. We also know how to guide you through this process, especially when you are in the midst of financial difficulties. Call Arlene Gordon-Oliver Law today to schedule a consultation with a White Plains, NY bankruptcy attorney, and let us help you through this process with minimal stress.

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  • Over 20 Years Experience Representing Debtors
  • White Plains, Bankruptcy Trustee
  • Vice President of the New York State Bar Association
  • Chair of the Bankruptcy Section for the Westchester County Bar Association and National Bar Association
  • Hablamos Espanol
  • Flexible Appointment Availability
  • Personal Attention On Every Case

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Associations & Memberships:

  • New York State Bar Association - Vice President 9th Judicial District
  • Westchester County Bar Association - Co-Chair, Bankruptcy Committee & Treasurer
  • National Bar Association - Chair, Bankruptcy Section
  • Westchester Black Bar Association - Former President